This incomparable collection includes over 600,000 pages of key bibliographies for online consultation. These are not e-texts; they are scanned facsimiles of the actual books. Standard reference works, many of them long out of print, as well as other significant and hard-to-find works are included. Rarebooks.info offers a unique and unparalleled tool for researchers—students, librarians, professors, teachers, book professionals, and collectors.
First reference-point for book professionals and students to bibliographies on rare books
Library of reference works in facsimile: more than 80 works (600,000 + pages)
Research on authors, their writings, and the dates of editions accomplished with full-text search in a few seconds.
Learn about rare books: links on book history for the student and the professional, including our own illustrated glossary.
Basic Search with full-text search of a single reference work or of the entire database.
Boolean, proximity, and fuzzy search features incorporated in the Basic Search.
Advanced Search with full-text search of selected groups of reference works or by subject topics.
Search term highlighting.
Save searches and view search history.
An essential online collection, containing a wealth of material, with many invaluable benefits to the research community
For librarians, cataloguers, and book professionals:
Find and compare descriptions from different catalogues of rare books.
Locate multiple copies of a given imprint and different dates of impression.
Find information on the print history of a particular work or the impressions of a specific printer.
Search provenance, including the armorials of important families.
Search catalogues of some famous 19th century collectors, such as James de Rothschild, Edouard Rahir, Gerard de Berney, Jerome Pichon, Hector de Backer, and Baron Double.
Download MARC records.
And much more.
Research on the history of the book:
Learn about the careers of specific printers and their work (Aldus Manutius, William Caxton, the Elzevier family, the Estiennes).
Study the type faces of early English printers, the development of the early Oxford presses, and the contributions of early Spanish and Portuguese printers.
Study French typographic marks in books printed in Paris.
And much more.
Research on world literature:
With this collection, students and scholars of literature can examine bibliographies of the following
British and American authors
German authors
French authors, including anonymous and pseudonymous ones
Classical literature
Hebrew books
Erotic literature
And much more.
Research in religion:
Scholars will find catalogues of liturgical books (Books of Hours) and all the known editions of the Bible.
For the history of science and medicine:
Search for all the books printed on arithmetic, study the history of American medical literature, or review the works of Sir Isaac Newton. Learn about the history of dentistry and browse famous library of the eminent physician William Osler. Learn about the history of specific fields, such as botany and chemistry. And much more.
For the study of travel, cultural history, and geography:
Search for books written on China, on Japan, on the Hawaiian Islands, on the Americas, on mission literature, the maps of America, the almanacs of France. And much more.
For art and architectural historians:

Scholars can view at a glance the holdings of the Avery Architectural Library, search reference works on costumes and their history, and study the history of Italian wood engraving. And much more.

This unique electronic database enables users to access specific information about individual authors or titles, and at the same time it opens up fresh, new ways to study the material .

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